Marhaba to the Sultanate of Oman!

Follow me as I travel through Oman. Together we will discover cuisine, culture and so much more!


Oman can be found on the most eastern part of the middle-east. It is a country rich of traditions, culture and history. To travel to Oman is going back in time, discovering how well preserved a nation can be. The Omanis are proud of their history and proud of their country, and you’ll soon discover why. With beautiful beaches, mountains and deserts, Oman has everything and more.

Omanis are very friendly and welcoming. I would advise you to gain knowledge of a few Arabic words, just to make communication a bit easier. The best would obviously be to learn Arabic, but that it easier said than done.

A couple Arabic phrases that might be helpful

Salaam alaikum– Peace be with you – Most Omanis use this as a greeting. The correct reply to this will be Alaikum salaam.

Marhaba– Welcome/Hello- This is not used as much in Oman, but you might see it on billboards or advertisements.

Shukran– Thank you- You’ll hear this a lot when buying something.

Afwan– Pleasure/ You’re welcome

Aiwa– Yes- In the UAE it is more common to hear “naam” which also means “yes”. Oman, however, seem to use “aiwa”.

La – No

5 minutes – anywhere between 1 hour and never- this usually goes with Inshallah and bukra.

Bukra– tomorrow- If they don’t know when something will happen they just say “bukra”. You’ll also discover that a lot of things are uncertain and that doesn’t bother them.

Inshallah– God willing – Normally you’ll hear this if they just don’t have the exact time by which something should happen.

Bikam hatha– how much- You’ll need this phrase when you visit local souqs.

Souq– market- these can be found in most bigger towns. There are different souqs for different products i.e. vegetable souq, fish souq, women’s market.

Ma mushkala– no problem- Omani’s use this all the time. They are a very relaxed nation, they don’t rush anywhere. Omani’s like to speed, but that’s only due to the fun there of, they’re not specifically in a hurry.

Fun Fact!

I lived in Oman from ages 8 to 12 and 14 to 15 and therefore, it’s always been a very special country to me. I am lucky enough to visit regularly, as I live just on the other side of the border. Funny how live works, I never imagined that I’ll live in the middle-east with my husband, but let’s see where this adventure leads us.